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Cosmetic Closeouts
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Cosmetic Closeouts

Cosmetics Closeouts - Liquidations

We are a supplier of wholesale cosmetics by the box, by the pallet or by the container.

RST Cosmetics Wholesale specializes in cosmetic closeouts. We are a wholesale import and export company and we sell top quality cosmetic closeouts all over the world. Our customers depend on us as a reliable source of consistent deals on closeout cosmetics for all types of businesses.

  • Discount Stores,
  • Dollar Stores,
  • Retailers,
  • Online Stores,
  • eBay Sellers,
  • Flea Market Sellers, etc.

The cosmetics closeouts we sell are a variety of liquidated, overstock and shelf pulled makeup from high-end department stores, retailers, national chains and drug stores. In addition, we offer certain overrun and surplus cosmetics directly from the distribution centers. Our cosmetics closeouts cover all the brand names you've come to recognize and we can offer you mixed loads and ship worldwide. So when you need cosmetics closeouts for your business, look no further than RST Cosmetics Wholesale. Call now for a product list.

Wholesale Cosmetics Shipped Worldwide

We carry a variety of High End Brand Name cosmetics. New shipments of the latest products in Health and Beauty arriving daily. We carry a large selection of Makeup Bags, Mascara, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Foundations, Hair Supplies, Nail Supplies, Fragrances, Hair Spray and more Health and Beauty Products.

Our Team:
Our sales team speak  over ten languages and will help you with every aspect of the sale. You can purchases cosmetics by the box, by the pallet or container. Call us for any question or come and visit our warehouse.

Cosmetic Liquidation's and Closeouts from the Nations Leading Department Stores